close-up-garage-door-springHere in the heart of Kentucky, Wholesale Door Supply is the number one supplier of garage door springs for businesses here and throughout the Elizabethtown area since 2017. Our company provides garage doors and garage door parts to garage door installation teams in order to complete projects for their customers.

    Our services range throughout the Etown area. We both supply and deliver garage door springs made by quality American manufacturers at reasonable costs.

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    What Do Garage Door Springs Do?

    There are two main types of garage door springs, torsion springs and extension springs. These garage door springs both offer the same function of adding force when the garage door is being lifted, as well as adding a little cushion on the door opener or ease to someone if they open it manually. The springs are are locked in with notable tension, so they must be handled with caution by one of our trained professionals.

    If your garage is experiencing broken or malfunctioning with its garage door springs, this can be dangerous and needs to be assesed as soon as possible. There is a list of other reasons to have your garage door spring replaced, such as outdated springs, excessive noise and so on. We’ve listed them here.

    Reasons You May Want a New Garage Door Spring:
    • Broken Spring
    • Door Balance Issues
    • Excessive Noise
    • Safety Concerns
    • Reduced Performance
    • Outdated Springs
    • Improved Security
    • Aesthetic Upgrade
    • Increased Lifespan

    If your current garage door spring is broken or damaged, it needs to be replaced for the door to function properly. A worn-out or unbalanced spring can cause the garage door to open or close unevenly, leading to potential safety risks. Older springs may lack modern safety features, making them less reliable and potentially hazardous.

    Upgrading to newer springs with improved technology can enhance the overall efficiency and safety of the garage door. Newer springs often come with enhanced security features, providing better protection against unauthorized access. High-quality, new springs have a longer lifespan and can provide reliable performance for an extended period.

    Garage Door Springs At Your Convenience!

    Customer service and product knowledge are what makes us a reputable wholesale garage door supplier. These remain two of the biggest reasons garage door installation companies choose us time and time again. Even though we set up shop back in 2017, our team has three decades of knowledge and experience in the garage door manufacturing and installation industry.

    We provide our clients with only the highest quality garage doors and garage door parts here in Kentucky. At Wholesale Door Supply, we offer all American-made garage door brands like Safe-Way and Haas garage doors. Your order will be delivered to you promptly and in the best condition.

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