Dock Seals and SheltersIf you’re looking for the number one supplier of dock seals and shelters in Kentucky, Wholesale Door Supply is who you want to call. We’re the most reliable wholesale supplier of garage doors and docking parts here and throughout the Elizabethtown area. We’ve been doing so since 2017. But combined, our team has nearly three decades of experience in the industry.

    Wholesale Door Supply is the go-to provider of dock seals and shelters as well as garage doors for technicians throughout the Etown area. Our reputable wholesale company supplies and helps with projects requiring dock seals and shelters, providing only parts made by quality American manufacturers at fair prices.

    #1 Supplier of Dock Seals and Shelters

    What are dock seals and dock shelters? Dock seals and shelters are protective materials used for loading docks you may find in warehouses, distribution centers, and other places where goods and materials are loaded and unloaded. They create added protection or a “shelter” between the loading truck and the opening to the facility itself during the process of unloading. The reason for these being included in the process is to help to improve efficiency and safety, as well as promote energy conservation for the loading dock.

    At Wholesale Door Supply, we supply and deliver quality dock seals and shelters from reputable manufacturers here in the USA.

    Benefits of Having Dock Seals and Shelters:
    • Weather protection
    • Energy conservation
    • Improved safety
    • Efficiency

    Dock seals and shelters are beneficial because they can protect goods and equipment from all kinds of damaging weather situations. With a protective seal between the truck and the building, its easy to keep indoor temperatures comfortably cool or warm depending on the time of year. They also reduce the likelihood of accidents from exposure to water or snow.

    Wholesale Dock Seals and Shelters Delivered!

    High quality dock seals and shelters are just a couple of products we offer here at Wholesale Door Supply. We only get our materials from reputable manufacturers in the USA. While our opening date was back in 2017, our team has a combined knowledge and experience of three decades in garage doors, new construction, parts, and docking materials. Our customer’s satisfaction and willingness to choose us again and again is our goal. Satisfaction and trust are at the heart of what we do. We ship to you! Our products are delivered in conveniently sized trucks to make delivery a breeze. Getting dock seals shelters has never been easier!

    Dock Seals and Shelters
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    If you’re a business in the market for dock seals and shelters, give us a call at Wholesale Door Supply now!