Dock LevelersIf you’re looking for a wholesale provider of dock levelers in Kentucky, you’ve found it! We’re the go-to supplier of garage doors and garage door parts here and throughout the Elizabethtown area and have been since 2017. Combined, our team has three decades of experience under our belt.

    Wholesale Door Supply is the go-to supplier of dock leveling parts to garage door installation companies throughout the Etown area. Our respectable garage door company supplies and helps with dock leveling projects with parts made by quality American manufacturers at wholesale prices.

    Dock Levelers For Every Need

    A dock leveler is a special machine used at loading docks to bridge the gap between a building and a vehicle, such as a truck or a trailer. It helps connect the dock with the vehicle so that goods can be easily moved in and out.

    The dock leveler can is attached to the edge of the dock or can be connected by a hole in the ground at the dock entrance. When a vehicle backs up to the loading dock, the dock leveler adjusts its height to match the truck’s bed so that goods can be transferred without any gaps. This way, loading and unloading goods goes much more smoothly and without difficulty.

    We supply and deliver quality dock levelers from reputable manufacturers in the USA.

    Types of Dock Levelers and Parts Our Company Supplies:
    • Hydraulic
    • Air-Powered
    • Mechanical
    • Vertical Storing
    • Edge-of-Dock
    • Dock Lifts

    We offer a myriad of dock levelers and parts, from hydraulic to air powered and even mechanical. We offer dock lifts and vertical storage as well.

    Dock Levelers

    Customer satisfaction and quality products are exactly what you’ll get with Wholesale Door Supply. They’re two reasons businesses choose us to supply them. Altogether our team of experts offers over three decades of knowledge and experience in the garage door manufacturing and installation industry. Our team is made up of friendly and knowledgeable people, ready to take your call as soon as possible and answer any questions you may have.

    At Wholesale Door Supply, we offer all American-made brands, such as Safe-Way and Haas garage doors.

    Dock Levelers

    Our supplies are always shipped quickly and conveniently in regularly sized shipping vehicles, making it easy to make the delivery. Our goal is to give our clients the best in dock leveling parts and otherwise, and we hope you’ll come to us again and again.

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    If you’re a garage door installation company that needs garage door parts for a project or a company looking for dock leveling parts, give us a call at Wholesale Door Supply now!